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PHP output compression

In php.ini file zlib.output_compression=On zlib.output_compression_level=5 If you use ob_start() (output buffering)Â in php script: use ob_start(‘ob_gzhandler‘); Using both will not get the output compressed twice , there will be an error reporting confliction instead.

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environment setup – change shell

Whenever you get a new *nix environment the shell you are offered to use may not be the one you like. To change the default login shell is pretty simple: first, check the available shells in the system: more /etc/shells … Continue reading

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A good place to learn multi-column page design using css

I found this link from the sitepoint forum that explains how to use css to design the multi-column layout page. CSS multi-column layout It’s very comprehensive and definitely a great reference.

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Installed IE7 over the weekend and gave it a spin. I have to say I was pretty impressed. It looks like IE7 has borrowed some design concept from Opera, which is giving the user more room for the web page, … Continue reading

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PHP caching

I started to implement the PHP caching for one of my site. Since I use PHP/Smarty, there are a few options. Smarty offers a page level caching. You can cache the entire page with Smarty’s caching capability. It is very … Continue reading

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Just another post of Google buying YouTube

I know I know, people have been talking, blogging, and pod/tube/digg casting about this subject so much and you might have got tired of this. Just bear with me here. Google offered to buy YouTube with 1.6 billion dollars, in … Continue reading

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code customization of wordpress

WordPress, with a nice backend system and highly customizable frontend, can be very powerful if you know how to tweak it. This post introduces some of the important php files that you may want to look into. index.php The index.php … Continue reading

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the web 2.0 look

I would summary the web 2.0 look in these few words: bigger font and a lot of white spaces…:) More and more web designers have realized that people come to web for quickfix of information, whether it is news, tools, … Continue reading

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benchmarking the server

Now I have the server ready and Apache web server is also up and running, it’s time to test drive this bad boy now. I know this is a box with slow CPU (only an 8 year old AMD400) so … Continue reading

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Add a round corner to your menu without using images

Here is a great article about adding the roundish corner to your menu or div layer without having to involve the images for the corners. Granted it has its limitations, for example, not showing too smooth on a dark background, … Continue reading

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