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A Mail Transfer Agent comparison

Pick the right MTA is an important step for a webmaster. For a *nix system, the most popular ones are Exim, Postfix, Qmail, and Sendmail. Here is a very good article talking about their differences and how to compare them: … Continue reading

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exim configuration

Normally Exim runs very well out of package, and there is no need to do much tweaking on it. These are just some watch points that may need a little attention. The never_users list In /etc/exim.conf, root is in the … Continue reading

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logrotate bug in CentOS and workaround

Logrotate normally runs as a daily cron job and rotate/compress/remove the log files that are generated by the system. In a CentOS system, you may see this error in the email that sent from the cron job: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate: error: error … Continue reading

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5 signs you should start planning changing your hosting company

Your site has been down frequently, by frequently I mean more than once a month. When you feel like you are part of your hosting company’s support team because it is always you who detect the problem first and report … Continue reading

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a cron (php) job delima

I was trying to run a PHP script from CRON and kept getting a “XSLTProcessor class not found message”. This really puzzled me since I had no problem to run the exactly same script from the command line. I tried … Continue reading

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CSS min-width

While designing fluid multi-column page using CSS, the right column may wrap under if the browser is resized to a small width. To avoid this we can define min-width for the body tag so the columns won’t wrap. The trick … Continue reading

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Ms. Dewey – the “live” search

Stumbled upon this site today…is this the future of the interactive web site…? Once the flash is loaded, a laby is on the screen to ask you to type something in the search box. It's like watching someone live … Continue reading

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