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Upgrade to wordpress 2.1

WordPress has released 2.1 and this post is written in this new release. I upgraded my wordpress code base pretty painlessly. With the SSH access to my box, I used a little bit different process to upgrade. 1. download the … Continue reading

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Sun Tech days in Atlanta

Last week I attended the Sun Tech Days in Atlanta. The event lasted for 3 days but I only went to the one day developer's session. As I am a Java developer in the corporate world I'd like to keep … Continue reading

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mysql reverse engineering tools

Almost all my sites are database driven using MySQL. I use phpMyAdmin for data manipulation most of the time. But I also need a way to keep track of the design and quickly analyze which tables to touch in case … Continue reading

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Authentication using .htaccess

It is quite easy to create web server access restriction using the Cpanel. There is a configuration setting for "Password Protect Directories" in Cpanel for setting up a user name and password for directory access. What this really does is … Continue reading

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Setup ssh access using public and private key authentication

If you own a Linux box and use ssh to access it over the internet, chances that it will be under unauthorized login attempt or even brute-force attack. Even you have a strong password for your account, the constant poking … Continue reading

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Moving to a new host

Moving your site to a new host needs some serious planning. Research different hosting providers and plans Research and find the best suitable host in your budget. is a good place to look around.Sign up an account and set … Continue reading

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remind users when they leave the page

When a use visits a web page and enter some information into a form, he may intentionally or unintentionally leave the page without clicking on the submit button. It is a good usability effort to remind the user of the … Continue reading

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Apache http.conf tuning

There are several parameters in httpd.conf file that I pay attention to. Although the default values normally work out for me, sometimes they need to be tweaked for better performance. HostnameLookups off  Apache can look up the visitor's ip and … Continue reading

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Funny logo from

Want to see how your name or logo looks like in Goolgle, Yahoo, or even “star wars” style? can do this for you in just a few clicks. From Funnylogo’s home page, you can enter your name, and select … Continue reading

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