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Just some iptables cheatsheet : show the current iptables: iptables -L check firewall service: service iptables status enable iptables service: chkconfig –level 345 iptables on save iptables iptables-save save iptables to /etc/sysconfig/iptables service iptables save Ban an IP: iptables -A … Continue reading

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PHP image filter

I am looking for some PHP nudity image filter library and I found this one on PHP Image Nudity Filter. The class was written by Bakr Alsharif. According to the web site, the class “analyses the colors used in … Continue reading

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monitoring the server load from web

From a Linux console, we can choose to show the server load using the ‘top” or “uptime” command. To get a simple reflection of the same information, we can also use the “/proc/loadavg”. The first three columns of “/proc/loadavg” measure … Continue reading

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Use “rm” to delete files, a lot of files

The other day when I use Xenu to check the broken links the /tmp directory was quickly filled up. When I tried to remove the temporary files using “rm *” command I was told “bach:/bin/rm Argument list too long”. Apparently … Continue reading

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Installing APC

APC stands for “Alternative PHP Cache”. It’s one of the 3 PHP accelerators out there (the other 2 are Zend and eAccelerator). The installation package can be found here: Follow the installtion guide in the package, the is … Continue reading

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