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A PHP boolean variable note

I am by no means a PHP know-all so this might have been documented. If I have a boolean variable, say boolean x = true; and if I use it in a if statement like: if ( x == ‘abc’) … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo making the wrong move?

There are a lot of talks around Yahoo’s move recently. Y’s decisions to reject the Microsoft deal and partner with Google on search advertising market don’t sit well with a lot of people. Some think Yahoo is making stupid decisions. … Continue reading

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Use JQuery to adjust the iframe height

Although frame is generally not recommended on most of the web pages, iFrame can still be useful in some occasions, especially as an Ajax alternative. One strength of Ajax is that it greatly reduces (or at least it appears so) … Continue reading

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Amazon AWS web service

Amazon’s AWS webservice has been around for a while now and recently I implemented one of my web site to use the Simple Storage Service (A3). The idea is to utilize the storage space in Amazon’s computing cloud to ease … Continue reading

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