4 google tools that I enjoy using

Google lab (labs.google.com), as the name suggests, provides users or developers experimenting tools and APIs to try. These 4 tools are the ones that I enjoy using the most.

Google reader (google.com/reader)

With Google reader, I can read the fresh new content of my favorite sites in one place. For example, to add a blog, I just click on “Add subscription” and type in the URL, and the blog is pulled down on my screen right away.

Google notebook (google.com/notebook)

With this tool, your web surfing can be a lot simpler. Once installed, you can add text, images or links to your little scratch book. Often times, we only need to put down the pieces instead of bookmarking the whole site. And Google notebook will just do that.
A little link to the notebook will also be created on the right bottom corner of the Firefox browser for you to open the notebook on any computer as long as you are signed in using your Google account, so it makes it a lot easy to retrieve the information that was saved from another computer.

Google Doc (docs.google.com)

This is the Google’s effort to bring the Office applications online. It’s browser based tool for office document editing online. Right now it only supports “Word” like document and spreadsheet. You can upload your word doc or Excel spread sheet and they will be automatically converted. Although they are not as fancy as Microsoft Office, they have enough features for a regular user to create a decent doc and spreadsheet and get the work done. With this tool, a user can edit the docs from any computer and share them with other people.

Google browser sync

Since I am using Firefox on my office and home computer, this tool helps me to sync the settings between the browsers. The one I like the most is the bookmark syncing. If I needed to sync my bookmark before, I had to export the bookmark, email it to myself and download to another PC and import bookmark. With this tool, they will all be sync up using my Google account and a PIN.

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