Amazon AWS web service

Amazon’s AWS webservice has been around for a while now and recently I implemented one of my web site to use the Simple Storage Service (A3). The idea is to utilize the storage space in Amazon’s computing cloud to ease the actual loads on my own web server. In this case, I store the user uploaded images into Amazon A3 storage as backup; and when the images are loaded on a page, they are pulled directly from Amazon A3. By using A3 the web site uses the distributed computing/storage resources and save the bandwidth.

Some of the good reasons to use A3:

  • The service is cheap. We are talking about GBs on the pennies here.
  • The service is quite reliable. I know earlier this year when A3 went down and a bunch of sites that were built using A3 as part of core infrastructure went down with it. But overall the down time is very rare. And A3 load time has also been pretty fast based on my experience.
  • Easy development. The A3 development community is a great place to find resources. For example, this standalone S3 php class pretty much has everything you need to start using the A3 storage.

Although we have a lot of good reasons to use AWS, I still wouldn’t embed too much of it into the infrastructure. The A3 storage in my case is used as a backup source and the actual data can be retrieved from local server by simply flipping a property value in the configuration file. The data update is also initialized by the scheduled cron jobs instead of building into the code. The benefit of this is that A3 is never something that my site has to reply on to stay up. And A3′s performance will not heavily influence the web site’s performance.

I have to say AWS is a brilliant idea and the fact that it came out from an online retail site makes it even more interesting. Here is a brief interview on Jeff Bezos who talked about Amazon’s cloud computing service during the D6 conference in May 2008.

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