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NexusPad is bootstrapped!

In this NexusPad new release, I¬†finally added Bootstrap to the web application. The result is wonderful. I wish I have done this sooner but since Bootstrap 3 has some significant changes I’m glad that I can dive into the latest … Continue reading

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Developer and drug use

I’ve never linked developer with drug use. In my mind, using drugs is anything but productive for software development and it will be counterproductive to pop pills while coding. I changed my mind after reading this article: A lot … Continue reading

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ios static library

Using xcode, it’s pretty easy to create a static library. However, when there is resource involved, things can be a bit complicated. Here is a good tutorial on how to create a static library with core data support in an … Continue reading

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Adding SSL to Apache – connection error

Here is the background of the problem: Recently I added SSL certificate (purchased from a CA) to my Apache server. After making configuration changes, opening the port and restarting the server, the https connection still won’t work. From Chrome, I … Continue reading

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An unlikely place to look for an Amazon S3 issue

This has driven me nuts for a few hours so I have to share just in case someone else has similar issue. Basically I have a PHP script to access Amazon S3 using its SDK for PHP lib, and it … Continue reading

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A PHP class to read Microsoft Access Database

A friend of mine recently asked me to help out building a data warehouse based on some Access database files. Here is a PHP class that I created to read database record from Access.

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Using Sphinx as a site search engine

A website, especially a content oriented one, needs good search functionality. This can be implemented locally, or outsourced to a search engine like Google. The former obviously requires a lot of work in database design and coding; and the later, … Continue reading

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Sending email using Google App and PHP Swift Mailer

Not very long ago I converted one of my site to use Google App email service. Using a third party email service can reduce the load on your own server and eliminate the responsibilities of configuring and maintaining a mail … Continue reading

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Plug those Javascript memory leaking holes

Recently I built a Javascript app that uses Gmap API, Ajax and JQuery to display the location information on a web page. It retrieves information from server using Ajax and the returned json object, to display location information for certain … Continue reading

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Build your own Linux VPS

5 years ago if you ask me to build my own Linux VPS for my websites I would’ve shaken my head and said it was too much for a non-sysadmin like me. Now I’m pretty comfortable of doing it. I … Continue reading

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