benchmarking the server

Now I have the server ready and Apache web server is also up and running, it’s time to test drive this bad boy now.

I know this is a box with slow CPU (only an 8 year old AMD400) so the bottlenet is probably around the CPU process power.

Use Apache ab utility, I started:

./ab -n1000 -c10Â http://localhost/

This will send in 1000 requests with 10 simultaneouly.

In another window, I ran:

top d 1

This will give me the resource utilization every 1 sec.

The test is quite interesting. During the run, the CPU was running with 0% idle time and the load average was around 10-12 per second, which means there are always around 10 process waiting.

Although there were no request failing, the average time for each request was about 7 seconds.

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