Developer and drug use

I’ve never linked developer with drug use. In my mind, using drugs is anything but productive for software development and it will be counterproductive to pop pills while coding.

I changed my mind after reading this article:

A lot of things make sense now. I remember the time when I started to learn iOS development a few years ago. After a few weeks of intense learning and coding, I couldn’t go to sleep because my brain was “swiping” after closing my eyes. Sometimes I had to use a few drinks to relax.

Apply the same situation to young developers with a good income to dispose and a crazy deadline to meet, there is no surprise that drug use/abuse has become increasingly normal among the software developers.

If you’ve been to a Hackathon you will find enormous amount of different types of energy drinks available. Did they work for me? Yes, for a short while. But it’s certainly not something that I want to depend on to stay focused. I’m scared of what will happen when they are not available.

Maybe I should be glad to grow up without caffeinated drinks, Aderall or 5 hour energy pops. And I know when I have “drug talk” with my kids, it will be a much bigger subject on illegal stuff.

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