Installed IE7 over the weekend and gave it a spin. I have to say I was pretty impressed. It looks like IE7 has borrowed some design concept from Opera, which is giving the user more room for the web page, and minimize the occupation of the menus and toolbars as much as possible. This is what I like the most. I tried to install an add-on, but got as far as to the point of downloading it, when I see it is an seperate intallation program I ducked. For a moment the "phishing filter" tool caught my eyes. It checks MS's database to see if the website you are visiting is black listed. I wonder how good can� MS keep their database updated. Overall I like the new IE7, but I wonder if it is designed too much toward the technical savvy crowd, regular users may need to take time to cacth on. As far as the security concern, what's new? IE has its foundamental flow and so many really smart people try to crack into it, so don't be surprised to see them coming.

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