install dovecot

After some reading I decided to use dovecot for IMAP server. The installation is pretty simple.

if PAM is not installed,
yum install pam-devel

  • create a dedicated user dovecot:dovecot
  • for virtual users, create /etc/dovecot/vmailuser and /etc/dovecot/vmailpass
  • create dovecot.conf and save it under /etc
  • create a dovecot service script in init.d and install it by

chkconfig –add dovecot

It took me some time to get the virtual users working. Originally I was trying to create the user and password file under the virtual mailbox directory, and using %d variable in dovecot.conf file so each virtual domain can have its own user/password file. But for some reason I kept getting the “no user” or “bad password” error when tried to login from IMAP. Finally I decided that’s it and created universal vmailuser and vmailpass file under /etc/dovecot, which worked perfectly.

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