Installing APC

APC stands for “Alternative PHP Cache”. It’s one of the 3 PHP accelerators out there (the other 2 are Zend and eAccelerator).

The installation package can be found here:

Follow the installtion guide in the package, the is installed under:


This path will probably varies in different systems.

Now modify the php.ini:

1. extension_dir needs to be modified to the path above.

2. add the to activate it.

3. tweak a few settings:

apc.shm_size=30 <– 30m is the default value. If up it to something like 128m, I would think the Linux system shared memory setting will also need to be increased more than that. It is 32 by default, which can be found in this file: /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

I leave the shm_size to 30 for now.


4. restart the httpd service. Copy apc.php to the webserver. Check phpinfo(). Watch the Apache error_log.

To increase the APC shm_size, the kernel’s max shared memory size will also need to be increased since it is set to a very low value by default.

Add kernel.shmmax=134217728 to /etc/sysctl.conf, and run sysctl -p to make the setting take effect. This will increase the max shared memory size to 128MB.

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