Is my design good enough?

I love designing web pages. But often times, I found myself submerged in the endless changing and tweaking the page designs and still not satisfied with the result. This can last hours and sometimes days. I figure this is not the most efficient way to get the things done. Here are some tips I use to improve this:

When stuck in an endless design change, take a break and come back with some fresh eyes and fresh mind. I know it is really hard to put down the unfinished work but this can actually help us finish quicker. Plus, this step leads to the next one, which is even more important;

Use this break to think about what is the GOAL of this part of the design. Am I working to achieve the goal or I am simply just after the pure visual details? Is moving this image 10 pixel to the right really improve the usability of this web page? Ask the questions and get the answer from the design requirement.

Hope these tips can help you too my friend.

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