JQuery vs. Prototype

Recently I started looking into both JQuery and ProtoType to simplify the Javascript works on my site and first decision to make was to which one to choose. Besides these popular options, MooTool also caught my attention since it appears there are some very loyal followers on the web.

I found this article best explains the differences between JQuery and Prototype from the level of the framework itself.

In short, Prototype does what a “framwork” is supposed to do. It is a layer between the HTML dom objects the developer and functionality is done through a set of classes.

JQuery is, for lack of better word, a straight DOM manipulator. It also provides a layer between the JavaScript and HTML, but it is more direct and simpler so it is rather provided as a “library” than a “framework”.

I guess which one to pick largely depends on the developer because neither could really go wrong. It is really about how you look at HTML frontend coding, or whether you are more comfortable with treating the HTML dom as an individual entity and Javascript as UI helper; or JavaScript as a UI driver and HTML is a product of it.

I personally enjoyed using JQuery and I like it a lot. And I believe JavaScript should stay small in the whole HTML UI design and not to be too complicated.

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