Jump on the Ubuntu wagon

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop. It is slow (with XP), noisy, but it has the best keyboards in all my current or previous 4 laptops. I installed Ubuntu on it this weekend.

Actually it was Xubuntu, Ubuntu’s little brother. Since it uses Xfce desktop, it uses less resource and is more suitable for machines with less horse power.

Installation is quick and simple. Just boot the computer from CD (burned with Xubuntu image) and you will have a Linux desktop. Run the installation and it was quickly done.

Ubuntu claims “just works”.

This is largely true. I have a Logitech wireless mouse, and it was recognized immediately started working immediately. The network card worked fine too.

The problem was with the wireless. I have a Dell wireless adaptor card and it just wouldn’t work. There are quite a few disussions and intructions on the internet about how to setup or configure this type of card but none of them worked for me. It appears this kind of card was made by “Broadcom” and it is notoriously lack of Linux driver support.

Frustrated I took my Belkin USB wirelsee adaptor and plugged it in the Ubuntu machine, and Woohoo my wireless is ON. Not knowing how many hours I have to spend to get the other adaptor to work I decided to put my personal ego down for now and stick with the USB wireless.

Besides the issue with wireless I really like the Xubuntu user interface. It is clean, simple and elegant. I have been using Linux for years and I like this distro immediately.

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