Just another post of Google buying YouTube

I know I know, people have been talking, blogging, and pod/tube/digg casting about this subject so much and you might have got tired of this. Just bear with me here. Google offered to buy YouTube with 1.6 billion dollars, in their stock. How much is Google worth today? $421. I guess the big question is: how much does it really worth? If you think Google is really only worth $100 a share, YouTube will be price around 400mil, in your price estimate. Still a hefty price though. Google's market worth is 128B, and if you have $128 in your wallet, will you pay $1.60 for a nice lunch? Absoluely. This is a great deal for Google. So everyone wins, I guess this is the beauty part of it. It almost feels like a website's value is again largely based on a perception these days. I don't want to predict the bubble, but can I quote Mr. Greenspan's word, "irrational exuberance"? :)

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