Review: Buffalo 320GB Link Station Network Drive

I have a few computers (desktop, laptops) at home and each one of them accumulate data and media files over the years. I used to copy them to CDs for backup purpose but this method has become too tedious. I do have a portal hard drive but carry it to each computer and copy the files is just too much work for lazy me. Lately I started to explore the options like a network drive and after some research this Bufflo Link Station network drive seems to be the best one on the market.

I made the purchase from and setup was very easy. Here are some points I want to share:

I plugged the drive into the network and power it up, and almost immediately I found it from my router’s admin console. So this is pretty much all the initial setup needed.

I went to the Link Station’s web admin console using the ip address that my router assigned to it. I went to the network menu and change the DHCP to static IP address, and changed the gateway and DNS server to the ip of my router. In this way, the LinkStation drive has a static ip.

From each computer, I mapped the network drive to the ip of the LinkStation. And there I had it, the network backup that I have been longing for.

I didn’t install the Memeo backup software that comes with the LinkStation since I use this one for my backups.

  • The speed is good enough for the backup.
  • The user management and trashbox feature is awesome.
  • The drive only makes a little harddrive spinning noise when there is active file copying going on. I placed it on my book shelf in the living room and it is very quiet.
  • There are some other nice features such as emailing and FTP access for advanced usages.

Overall this is a great drive.


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