Upgrade to wordpress 2.1

WordPress has released 2.1 and this post is written in this new release.

I upgraded my wordpress code base pretty painlessly. With the SSH access to my box, I used a little bit different process to upgrade.

1. download the latest release.

wget should do this perfectly. wget http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

2. unzip the tar file into a folder at the same level with the current wordpress host directory, which maybe public_html in some cases.

tar xzf latest.tar.gz

3. a new “wordpress” directory should be created. At this point I will copy the files or directories that are supposed to be retained from the old version to the new directory. These files are: wp-config.php, .htaccess, robots.txt, any language directories under wp-includes, any customized stuff under wp-content, and other directories or files created by myself.

4. backup the database and deactivate the plugins.

5. change the current wp host directory to something else and rename the new “wordpress” directory as the wp host directory. I also created an index.htm file to let the visitor know we are in the middle of an upgrade.

6. Step 5 enssentially upgraded the wp codebase to 2.1, now I can run the /wp-admin/upgrade.php from the browser. The rest will be re-activate the plugins.

This upgrade process saves me some time to backup the existing version of worpress and by having a copy of fully functional code base on the server, it makes it simpler to switch back to the old version if there is any problem during the upgrade. A couple of “mv” command should do the job, and of course, the database may need to be reloaded from the backup.

The new 2.1 definitely has some cool enhancements. The new visual editor works much better and I may not need the additional WYSIWYG plugin now.

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