Use the third party DNS

Using a third party DNS have some great benefit:

  1. By outsourcing the DNS look up the load is reduced on your own server, especially like a VPS or dedicated box which runs everything: Apache, MySQL, Named.
  2. Well know DNS operates on a backbone and provide each DNS request with complete redundancy.
  3. Taking the Named service off from your server not only reduces load but also reduces the open port and maintenance work.
  4. An external DNS server will provide better control. This really applies to the domain or sites on shared hosting service and the capability of updating the DNS zone info such as TTL is limited. When it comes to changing the hosting provider, the delay of switching hosting DNS can be unpredictable.

I tried out for one of my site and the result was great. It was amazingly simple to create domain name record in dnsmadeeasy account and the change was propagated in a matter of minutes. Another site also provides this kind of service with the similar fee structure. Using the free DNS check service from ( requires fee now) is also recommended to make sure everything is in order.

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