Where to find images for my websites

Being a website builders, I constantly need the images for my sites. There are several ways that I have used to get the images. Some of them worked out well and some were quite disappointing.

Stock image sites – where you can buy

I use a couple of sites to buy images: stockxpert.com and istockphoto.com. You can get both jpeg or vector images from these sites. Stockxpert.com offers are a little bit cheaper. In my experience, istockphoto.com’s images have slightly better quality.

This has been my best method to aquire the vector images for icons and logos. If you know a little bit about Adobe Illustrator, you should be able to get some vectors files and use them in different places with some simple tweaks.

Use a local graphic designer

Originally I was looking to get some local talent to help me out but it never worked out. I once worked with a graphic designer who work on some design projects for fortune 500 companies on a logo design. Her draft work was just some pensil scribbles on a piece of paper and her rate will double as soon as she touches a computer. Plus she tried to get me to sign a contract so any future change has been done by her only. A friend told me the best way to go is to hire someone just out of school but I haven’t tried that myself.

Use ODesk to hire some designers

ODesk.com is a place to hire the freelancers. You can create your project and get people to bid on it. Since the people for hire are from all over the world often time you can find some talent with very cheap rate.

My ODesk experience was a mixed bag. I worked with someone who had tons of hours (total hiring hours by ODesk) but the work was at most mediocro. Sometimes it appeared he didn’t even read my requirements in the email. And he was never shy about asking for good ratings at the end of the project. Once he even IMed me to “request” better rating because it affects his ODesk rating history. Mind you I wasn’t even the one who gave him the one star that he probably deserves. He was FOR SURE blocked from my GTalk.

I also worked with some designers who made great work for one project but came up short on the other.

My advise on hiring on ODesk is to find someone who’s new or hasn’t many hours accumulated yet.

Get free images online

Although Google image search can find a lot of images, they are mostly copyrighted and it is illegal to directly use them on your websites. This site: yotophoto.com , can find the free-to-use images for you.

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