z-index and select box

While I was trying to display a div block with a different z-index, I noticed it wouldn’t cover everything underneath it. Namely, the form components like a selection box. Firefox seems to be ok but on IE it looks quite ugly with the form components showing through which supposed to be covered space.

A few fixes can be applied:

  • use javascript to hide the form components when the upper div is shown – a pretty complicated solution.
  • use iframe in the div block to really cover things up.
  • Just use “absolute” position without z-index, so it won’t try to cover, and just push the space down – ok solution if it works for the design, I guess.
  • Get firefox – can’t tell this to your user though… :)
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  1. SP says:

    yeah!! Thanks for sharing the fix for z-index and select and it indeed worked. Great job!!!!!!!!

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